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Experiential production and activation agency Inspired working with Bristol based brand consultancy 375 are proud to have produced the Question Cube to promote At-Bristol’s name change and re-brand to We The Curious.

Inspired were commissioned to design, build and deliver the Question Cube to act as a focal point for the re-branding PR activities.  The interactive Question Cube is designed to bring curiosity to life and inspire people to be just that bit more curious.

We The Curious Question Cube Bristol Suspension Bridge

The Question Cube is now touring Bristol and has already hit the news with coverage appearing on the BBC & ITV. The Question Cube is part of the promotional activity transforming At-Bristol into We The Curious next month, with the science centre’s new name marking a new direction and intention to create “a culture of curiosity”.

The re-branding will be followed by a complete redevelopment of the ground floor of the Science Centre and will see the creation of “a playful, inclusive, collaborative space” with the first major exhibition driven entirely by Bristol’s curiosity.

We The Curious will hope to unite science and art, with the building’s change being funded by a £3m award from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and Wellcome’s Inspiring Science Fund.

We The Curious CEO Phil Winfield said: “Curiosity is a driver for exploration and learning, and curiosity is at the heart of creativity. If we can inspire curiosity our visitors are much more likely to continue their exploration beyond our walls.

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