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Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief

Wavemaker contacted the Inspired team to help them pitch for Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief’s experiential activity. Inspired’s Big idea was to deliver the Colgate Sensitive Challenge with ice cream made with liquid nitrogen to create the ultimate teeth sensitivity challenge and take this to the biggest foodie events nationwide.

Of course Wavemaker won the pitch and in its first year the Colgate Sensitive Ultimate Challenge delivered ten experiential events at food themed festivals nationwide and distributed over a quarter of a million samples.

The Ultimate Challenge

The Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Ultimate Challenge surpassed all expectations and delivered over 20,000 challenges.  9 out of 10 people stated that they felt no pain after trying the ice cream and 8 out 10 people said they’d be switching to Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief.

The campaign was such a success that it was repeated two years later exceeding even bigger targets and helping even more people stay pain free when enjoying their favourite foods.

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