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Alpro delight the nations tastebuds with new #Plantpower ice cream

2 Mar, 20201 min read


Working with McCann Central Inspired deliver samples of Alpro’s #Plantpower ice cream to the people across the nation, to keep them cool during one sweltering hot summer.  Inspired were briefed by to find a classic ice cream van, give it a nutty wrap in line with the TV creative and take it on tour up and down the country on a sampling tour.

The aim of the campaign was to get as many people tasting Alpro’s new coconut, hazelnut and chocolate flavoured ice cream whilst Alpro’s launch commercial was being aired on TV. With over 100,000 samples delivered across the 10 day tour which took in the UK’s biggest cities and culminated in the van visiting one of the UK’s biggest food festivals it was mission accomplished.

by Alex Kopfli