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Eco-friendly street art with a big bite!

25 Aug, 20202 min read

The Inspired team are available for street art, indoor murals and outdoor commission nationwide, creating stunning artwork pieces from concept to completion in just a few days.

Here at Inspired, we design and create stunning street art and indoor/outdoor murals for brands wanting to tell their story in a more unique way and make a big impact.

Whilst some of the more traditional experiential techniques are on hold, we are working with brands to help create on-the-wall and more eco-friendly solutions to raise their profiles. With lockdown regulations easing and consumers returning to public spaces, real art can complement traditional OOH campaigns or act as stand-alone solutions bringing people closer to the campaign. We can work with you to deliver projects that offer creativity and escapism but sit well with a community used to seeing art displayed in this way with a sense that the piece is being crafted straight for them.

Murals are one of the few advertising formats that consumers are more likely to photograph and share on social media. Through art, consumers not only engage with the brands, but they develop a sense of belonging and ownership as well as creating amplification of the brand message via social media.

Traditional spray paint is not the most environmentally friendly medium, so we use water-based spray paints that are low odour and safe for indoor use. We can also use other techniques including reverse graffiti and even living materials (like moss and plants) to create jaw-dropping displays.

If you have a space to fill and you want to bring some creativity and colour, or if you’d like to discuss an idea with us, feel free to drop us a message at:

Street art

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